Help Your Home Avoid an Ice Dam

A developing ice dam isn’t good for a residence or a business. It is something that you should take precautions to avoid; ideally, before really bad weather sets in. Once they do form, neglecting to take care of them can result in some serious problems.

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Extreme Ice Dam

To avoid bigger and costly complications down the road; it’s best to make sure to do all that you can to prevent ice dams from building up. The majority of problems occur when heat from your attic causes the snow on the roof deck to melt. As it drains off the roof and hits the edge of your roofing system where it is cold, it freezes.

As this continues to accumulate, an ice dam is formed. The ice barrier stops the water from properly draining and with nowhere to go due to the frozen blockage; the water can run back underneath the shingle seams, the valley and along the eave.

The primary step for prevention is to make sure you have the best ventilation balance and insulation in your attic as this will help to keep the temperature inside where it belongs. Also, make sure your gutters are clean and free of twigs, tree leaves or other debris.
Another motivation to address an ice damming situation with urgency is that many property insurance policies won’t cover ice damage to your home or business. This means you may end up paying out of pocket for any damage that has occurred from the ice dam.

At the first sign of an ice dam remove as much of the snow from the roof as you can. If icicles have already formed, you should call a professional to remove them as it can be very dangerous not only to you, but to the eaves and gutters of your home. If you decide to remove the snow and icicles yourself, you’ll need to be very careful getting up there as it might be unsafe.

Also, keep in mind just how heavy snow and ice can be for a building. The water that cannot get off the roof can wind up freezing and resulting in a section of the roof sagging or caving in. This can be extremely dangerous for any occupants inside your home and also result in substantial emergency damage. Moreover, it may destroy irreplaceable items like photo albums, ruin your carpets and rugs and even cause electrical issues due to the water entering your walls.

In conclusion, if you see signs of mildew, rust spots or moisture on your ceiling or you have ice dams forming, don’t delay in taking care of it right away.

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