house gutters against blue sky

A gutter system is attached to your roof to capture rain water and direct it into downspouts. Good roof gutters help to preserve the roof of your home, the structure of the building, and the grounds that surround it. A well installed gutter system will offer functional rain diversion and act as a safe channel for many gallons of water that could infiltrate into the foundation of the building. Here are some of the reasons why you should ask a professional roofer to help you install a gutter system.

1. Prevent Damage to the Siding

The siding on the walls of your home serves as protective layer, guarding against the impact of the sun, rain, heat and cold. But without a gutter system on your roof, rain water could run behind the siding and lead to permanent damage. For instance, it could cause wood siding to rot while vinyl siding could become warped. Such damage will have a rather ugly appearance and could put off potential home buyers in future.

2. Protect the Foundation of Your Building

Without a gutter system, rain water coming from your roof will fall at the base of your house. During heavy rains, this water will take a long time to seep into the ground. As a result, pools of water will form around the foundation of the building. If your home has a basement, some of the water will infiltrate into it. Subsequently, your basement could become infested with mold growth that could destroy the structure of the building. But with a good gutter attached to the roof, rain water can be directed into a well-designed drain so it does not damage your foundation.

3. Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can easily occur after rain water falls down the roof at high speed after a heavy rain. Without a gutter to create functional rain diversion, the water can gather tremendous speed and traction that will wash away the top soil in your yard or garden. Flood water from rain can damage your shrubs and other garden plants if it is not effectively channeled through well-constructed drain pipes.

water your plants with rain water

4. Conserve and Use Rain Water

Water from your roof gutter may be captured and re-used. This is an environmentally friendly option that will enable you to use clean rain water for flushing of toilets, washing cars, garden maintenance, and many other household chores. If the gutters have filters to keep out dirt and debris; the water can be transferred into rain barrels. But if the rain barrels have a good overflow system it will prevent excess water from getting dumped onto the ground close to the house’s foundation.

5. Preserve the Beauty of the Home

home stays beautiful with good gutters

Without a roof gutter, water from dew and rain may drip onto the facial boards and create a breeding ground for algae. The growth of algae and other small plants will make the roof and the upper portion of the building look very dirty and untidy, especially after the rains have subsided. This could lead to costly repairs which could be avoided by installing a durable gutter system.

Installing roof gutters helps you to effectively divert and manage rain water. The gutter system protects the home and helps to avoid expensive home repairs.

For more details on how you can install a gutter system on your home roof, please give us a call now. As professional roofers, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you install a gutter system on your roof within a reasonable time and budget.