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House siding is a very important structural system, which serves as an outer layer of protection on your home. Selecting the right siding option can help you to have a virtual shield that will safe guard your home from damage by extreme temperatures, moisture penetration, wind storms, and Mother Nature’s surprises.

In recent times, vinyl siding has been gaining popularity, such that it was used in over 32 percent of newly constructed homes in 2012. This makes it the most popular siding option in the market. Unlike the original vinyl siding produced in the early 60s, which had a bad reputation, today’s top quality vinyl siding brands like Mastic PlyGem have amazing beauty, exceptional versatility and they are made with engineered, high tech plastic materials that are easy to install. So what are the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for vinyl siding?

Benefits of Using Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Low Overall Costs

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable options. It has the least total installed cost of all the popular exterior cladding including aluminum and wood. It also has the least life cycle cost during the lifespan of a home. The results of recent surveys indicate that replacing the siding on a home with this option was rated among the most popular home improvement projects when trying to increase resale value.

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2. Amazing Beauty

Vinyl sidings are designed to enhance the visual appeal of any kind of architectural design. So you will not sacrifice the beauty of your home when you opt for vinyl siding. That is why they are now the most widely used siding option for historic home renovations by different historical societies in the United States. This is basically due to the abundance of colors that fit both vintage and modern home designs.

3. Exceptional Versatility

Vinyl siding offers homeowners one of the largest selections of textures, colors, and architectural trim. In fact, the Vinyl Siding Institute places their certification for color retention on over 350 color options for vinyl siding. So it is possible to get the exact color of siding you want when you need to imitate the appearance of various kinds of cladding or architectural accents such as stone, wood or slate.

4. Outstanding Durability

Vinyl siding is so durable; it can easily withstand the adverse effects of strong winds, extreme cold and heat and resist the infiltration of moisture. It keeps its original look and feel and keeps performing well over a long period of time. Studies have shown that top quality brands like Mastic PlyGem can stand up against wind velocities as high as 200 mph. Many of the top-of-the-line vinyl sidings where able to withstand hurricane winds. Manufacturers also offer life time warranties to give you peace of mind.

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5. Extremely Low Maintenance

With vinyl siding, there is no need for repainting or polishing of the siding. All you require is annual cleaning with a mild cleaning solution and water. Unlike wood, the vinyl siding option does not rot, crack or get infested and damaged by termites.

6. Reduction in Thermal Control Costs

If you want to improve the thermal efficiency of your home, vinyl siding is a green and energy efficient option. It performs better than most other siding options and exterior cladding. Insulated vinyl siding offers the visual appeal and strength with the added advantage of thermal efficiency. Through the process of thermal bridging, insulated vinyl siding stops the loss of heat through exterior walls. In fact, this type of siding is now one of the construction materials that can help you to meet the requirements for the Energy Star qualification.

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7. Easy Installation

Since it is a lightweight material, it is quite easy to install for both new and old homes. It is one of the best retrofit options since it is very easy to install over brick. It also requires lower labor costs. This also makes it a very cost effective option.

If you are looking at the siding options for your retrofit project or new home construction, you should carefully consider using vinyl siding. It has many advantages including, beauty, versatility, durability, low cost, minimal maintenance and thermal efficiency.

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