Autumn Roof Maintenance Tips

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We can never emphasize enough the significance of examining your roof, conducting routine upkeep and making vital repairs before winter arrives.

Let’s highlight just how destructive natural debris can be. A buildup of fall leaves can cause extensive damage to your home’s roof.

Debris Accumulation and Haphazard Aftermaths

All it takes is a small amount of water mixed with fallen leaves to decompose into a mucky laden pile that can obstruct and block gutters, stop up roof valleys that promote decay, mildew and fungi.

Unless the buildup of leaves and debris is cleared away, it cause moisture to burden the roofing system deck Even a shallow puddle of stagnant water can burden the construction of your roofing system. Gradually the water will seep through the shingles down to the roof deck protective felt diminishing its flexibility. The barrier becomes brittle or tears and shortens the longevity of the roof.

Throughout the cold season, puddling water becomes consequential when it ices up, spreads out and wrestles into small crevices or beneath flashings. Extra weight on the deck can compromise the strength of the architectural structure of the roof which can result in costly repairs or in severe instances a complete roof collapse.

Attentiveness Minimizes Problems

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It’s always a good idea to stand back and look over your roof as a first measure of maintenance. It’s fairly easy to tell if leaves have accumulated and your gutters need to be cleaned out. If you’re not comfortable climbing up a ladder to access your roof, then most roofing companies offer low cost service plans. Plans vary depending on the company but most will include a trained staff member who will remove debris and inspect for potential problems such as clogged gutters that can lead to ice dams.

A professional inspector will look for discolored areas on the roof surface which might indicate past ponding of water. They’ll also check for compromises in the security of the shingles such as wind lifts or nail pops. A thorough examination will include looking over small details like the ridge vent to ascertain that it is secured to the ridge top and air is flowing freely. Additionally, the condition of the chimney mortar, and anything that penetrates the roof deck such as air vents and skylights will be checked to ensure the flashings or seals are intact.

A prudent homeowner will request semi-annual checkups and routine care which is fundamental to extend the integrity of a home’s roof system.

Ridge Top Exteriors takes pleasure in guiding homeowners on getting the most for their roofing buck. The assurance that comes with a roof maintenance program follows the peace of mind of knowing your roof is in optimal condition to withstand harsh winter weather conditions. Learn more about ice-dams Call Ridge Top Exteriors. We’re happy to answer questions about roof care!