Effective Attic Ventilation is Key for Protecting Your Roof

ridge vent system cobra snowcountry for optimal attic ventilation

A balanced attic ventilation system will make all the difference for a longer lasting roof as it protects against premature deterioration.

Ideally your roof system will have a 50/50 balance of fresh air intake and stale air exhaust. The Cobra SnowCountry exhaust vent is an excellent choice due to its maximum venting feature which allows stale air to escape while fresh air comes in through the soffit intake vents.

The Benefits of an Optimal Attic Ventilation System

  • Protection from premature decay as a result of too much heat and moisture in your attic space.
  • Wards off rotting of your roof deck.
  • Extends the life of exterior and interior paint and minimizes peeling.
  • Reduces the spreading and growth of dangerous molds
  • Safeguards attic storage items against mildew damage
  • Guards against ice damming in harsh winter climates.
  • Reduces excessive heat in your attic which in turn promotes better energy efficiency

Why is Cobra SnowCountry Attic Ventilation the Best Choice for Madison Homeowners?

  • Vents Your Attic … Allows heat and condensation to escape at the most effective location – the ridge.
  • Looks Terrific … Shingle-over design blends into your ridge line
  • Strong Protection … Passes the 110 mph wind-driven rain test.†.
  • illustrated diagram of balanced attic ventilation system madison contractor

  • Snow Guard™ Filter … Helps prevent snow infiltration in harsh winter weather
  • Insect Guard … Specially designed louver spacing helps keep insects out.
  • Energy Efficient … Promotes energy efficiency by reducing excessive heat in your attic.
  • Durable … Designed with high-impact polymers.
  • Peace Of Mind … Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs.*
  • †Under controlled laboratory conditions.

Why Does Ridge Top Exteriors of Madison Love Cobra SnowCountry Ridge Vent for Attic Ventilation?

  • Effective… Provides 18 sq. inches per lineal foot of net free ventilating area
  • Easy Sizing … EasyTear™ feature allows us to hand-tear product in 3″ increments—no knives necessary and less waste!
  • Fits Better … Extra-flexible hinge design allows installation on 3:12 to 16:12 sloped roofs.
  • No End Caps Needed!
  • Crush Resistant … Internal structural support for added durability
  • No Gaps/em> … Edge overhang allows smooth, continuous coverage between sections
  • Fewer Call-backs … External baffles help deflect wind and rain.
  • Cap Shingle Compatible … Works with 12″ wide ridge cap shingles.

Balance Attic Ventilation Requirements

An even amount of intake airflow and exhaust ventilation is required for balancing the ventilation in the attic space. We follow the minimum GAF recommendation of 1 square foot of Net Free Ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic floor space. However, there are different building codes for specific ventilation requirements in different areas. Ridge Top Exteriors is familiar with and follows the codes for the location that we install a roofing system.

  1. We use the 1/300 Rule to determine how much exhaust vent is needed by calculating the total square footage of the attic floor then rounding up to the nearest higher number to give us the total lineal square feet.
  2. We look at the appropriate amount of Cobra Snow Country Exhaust Attic Vent and minimum intake ventilation that corresponds to the total square footage of the attic space.
  3. Total Attic Square Footage Recommended Length of Cobra Snow Country Exhaust Vent (feet) Minimum Intake Ventilation (Net Free Footage Area in Sq. In.)
    1600 22 396
    1900 26 468
    2200 30 540
    2500 34 612
    2800 38 684
    3100 42 756
    3400 46 828
    Cobra® Snow Country™ Exhaust Vent has 18.0 sq. in./lineal ft. of net free ventilating area.
    NOTE: Always have a balanced ventilation system. In no case should the amount of
    exhaust ventilation at the ridge exceed the amount of soffit ventilation.

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