Enjoy Fresh Air on a Rainy Day with Awning Windows

awning windows dramatic effect for living room in madison wisconsin 

Awning windows provide good ventilation with beautiful exterior views and this makes them one of the best options for certain parts of the home. Hinged on top with the sash swinging outwards, these windows are typically installed close to fixed windows. They are also perfect for increasing air flow and providing ventilation when it is raining. Here are some of the benefits of fitting awning windows in your home in Madison through our professional window installation service.

Better Air Flow

With our awning windows, you get better ventilation in your home. Unlike a fixed window that only offers you an unobstructed view of the outside world, an awning window will give you a splendid external view as well as improved ventilation. In fact, in many cases, you can install an awning window above or below a picture window. The picture window could serve as a focal point while the awning window brings you an inflow of fresh air.

Improved Security

Our awning windows are designed to offer you better security than sliding or casement windows. Awning windows can be installed higher up than most other types of windows. They are less-prone to break-ins because they only open by a few inches. Also, because they are designed with a longer width and shorter height, it is difficult for an intruder to come in through the awning window. Our windows have optional grilles that provide additional privacy.

bathroom awning windows for easy air flow and room brightness

Compatibility With Architectural Designs

Awning windows fit various types of home designs and can be used to make an “upscale” statement about your home. They may be installed in areas that are hard to reach like basements. However, they stand out in many traditional homes such as cottage, ranch, farmhouse, Victorian, or cape cod. That is why you should contact us at Ridge Top Exteriors to do a free on-site inspection on your home, so we can show you exactly where you should place your awning window.

Protection from Weather

Awning windows open from the top and provide adequate ventilation while they protect you from the weather. Thus, you can open your awning windows when it is raining.They will not allow leakage or rain to come into your home. So you will enjoy good ventilation even in poor weather.

Get Additional Awning Windows Information

For additional information about how to use these windows to create a unique impression and improve ventilation in your home in Madison or surrounding areas, please give us a call now. You can also request for a free quote for any of our services by phone or email. Ridge Top Exteriors is the best option for premium quality supply and installation of awning windows in Madison, Wisconsin.