Is Your Christmas tree Drying Out?

Recognizing if Your Christmas Tree Needs Water

The first sign that your X-Mas tree is starting to wither is its water absorption. When a tree begins dry out, water use slows down significantly or stops altogether. If your Christmas tree isn’t watered regularly the needles will fall off as the tree dries. The sprigs will start sagging and the pine fragrance will fade. Trees near fireplaces, furnaces, air ducts or televisions tend to dehydrate sooner.

christmas tree fire prevention It is also crucial to maintain the water level in the stand. As a rule of thumb, your the stand reservoir should be able to hold at least a half-gallon of water, but more is better. A fresh cut pine will slurp up a gallon or more in the first day. Depending on room temperate, the number of lights and the proximity of other things that put off radiant heat, your Christmas tree can soak up a quart or more a day.

If the water level falls below the bottom it will form a seal from the dried sap within 4 to 6 hours. A watertight sap seal will prevent your Christmas tree from absorbing water, even after the reservoir is refilled. This means that your tree will continue to dry out, it can be remedied by re-cutting the bottom, but obviously problematic if the tree that has already been dressed with ornaments, lights and tinsel.

To ensure your Christmas tree will last through the holiday without drooping, lose all of its needles or become a fire hazard it’s important to check the water daily and never let it completely evaporate.

Ridge Top Exteriors wishes you and your family a holiday season full of sparkle and shine, and may you feel the spirit of this wonderful time all year round.