Advantages of Composite Decks Over Traditional Hardwood Decks



The deck in front, the side or back of your home is an expression of your personality, a place where your guests can gather and something that improves the value of your home. Traditional woods have been used for years on decks, but composites are preferable for new projects.

Let’s explore the difference between traditional and composite woods to understand why we recommend composites composites. Understanding the characteristics of both will bring you that much closer to building a deck that your whole family can enjoy.
Traditional Woods Are Fragile

Even the nicest hardwood in the world will not stand up to the harsh punishment of the changing seasons. Heavy rains in the summer will wear away the stain on your deck, and the wood will crack in drastic temperature changes of the seasons. All areas of America experience weather changes of some type or another, and maintaining a perfect deck is unlikely with hardwoods without a lot of on-going care.

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Hardwoods Are Expensive
Quality deck hardwoods are costly. The most common and affordable green pressure treated yellow pine has a unstable dimensional components that cause it to split and warp.

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wood deck pressure washing

Routine maintenance like pressure washing, staining or annual painting add to the cost to keep your deck from looking weathered and worn.

Hardwoods Lack Color Richness

Hardwoods come only in a few different colors and sealants such as oil will change the hue. Sealants are necessary to reduce the absorption of water which will deteriorate the wood over time and they must be applied regularly to slow down the aging process.

Composite decks can be pre-finished in the color you want to mimic hardwood, or painted to match your home.

Ridge Top Exteriors of Madison has color samples to help you imagine what you want for your home. You can even choose multiple colors to add variety to your deck.


wood deck water absorptionComposites Are Lighter

The composite materials you use for your deck are considerably lighter in weight than hardwoods. This makes it easier, faster and less costly to construct.

Composites Are More Pliable

Most special designs that you can envision for your deck can be completed using composites. Our Ridge Top rep will work with you to layout a pre-plan schematic. You might even want special shape inserts to be cut to add an interesting detail. Another great feature of composites is that it can be bent to fit other areas of your patio. Choosing a composite deck opens up a world of design ideas to explore that are not as easily or even possible with hardwoods.

Expand Your Composite Deck
Though composite decking material is a little more expensive than hardwood initially, the money you will save in the long term more than makes up for it. Minimal maintenance, such as washing it down with soap and water every once in awhile will afford you more time to enjoy your backyard space with your family. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to easily expand it later without trouble of matching the new area with the previous decking.

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Good hardwoods are difficult to find, and the specific colors may not be available at your local outlet. You may be forced to wait to start your project, or shipping costs may make it prohibitive to consider.

Composite Decks come in many different colors, lengths, widths and cuts. Each composite can be also be customized to specifically complete your decking project. Composite planks are consistent density and straightness. With hardwoods you might receive uneven edges that will need to be shaved or rough areas that will need to be sanded during the installation.

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Since hardwoods are heavier and more difficult to work with, the labor cost is higher. Not to mention that weather-proofing can add on time to finish the project.

With composites, your deck is ready to use after the last screw is fastened down.

The deck at your home can be made of many different materials, but choosing composites is the simplest choice you can make. You will avoid the expense and tedious work associated with hardwoods, and your will have many more design options at your fingertips whether you’re building a new deck or replacing an old one.


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