Emergency Roof Repair Service

Madison, Wisconsin

24 hour emergency roof repair madison wisconsinYour roof is the most important building component that protects your residential or commercial property. But when it gets damaged, it could put your life and property at risk – leading to the need for emergency roof repair. A roof repair emergency is a sudden, unexpected damage that affects the roof shingles, decking and other vital sections, which will expose the building to water and the elements. Hence, a fast roof repair must be done to prevent damage to your belongings and other parts of the building. We can handle any emergency roof repair you have in Madison, Wisconsin and its environs. Our professional roofers are well-trained, qualified and licensed to handle all emergencies. We always have a member of our team on call ready to take your call and visit your site within a few hours. If you need an emergency leak repair done on your roof, don’t hesitate to call Ridge Top Exteriors.

Reasons Why an Emergency Roof Repair May Occur

Causes of roofing emergencies at your home or commercial property may be grouped into two categories: the non-preventable and the preventable. Non-preventable causes are basically those caused by Mother Nature and inclement weather. These include fallen tree limbs, hail storms and high winds with a strong velocity that can tear off the roof shingles. Damage caused by ice build-up, fire, lightning, and animals like squirrels, are also among the natural reasons for emergency roof repairs. On the other hand, irregular maintenance, neglect, poor installation practices, and roof flashing failures are some of the preventable causes of roof emergency repairs. Whether the cause of the emergency repair is natural or man-made, we will provide prompt repair services to prevent it from leading to more damage or any loss of life or property.

When You’re Faced With an Emergency Roof Repair, What Should You Do?

emergency roof leak repair madison and all of dane countyFirst, realize that the damage is done already, so do not panic. Take steps to protect the interior of your home. You may use a thick plastic sheet to cover the ceiling and prevent water from getting into the building. Do not attempt to repair the roof by yourself. Go up on a damaged roof is extremely unsafe and it could lead to serious injury or death. However, you should move round the building and inspect the roof visually. Use your smartphone or any other mobile device to take photographs of the damaged parts of the roof.

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You should give us a phone call so we can come tarp the roof to provide a temporary cover against water, ice and other weather elements. Subsequently, get in touch with your home insurance agent so that they can come to do a preliminary assessment. We can help you streamline the technical communication with your insurer and ensure that you get the best settlement for the repairs required. If your neighborhood is affected by a massive storm, don’t allow storm chasers to swindle you, call Ridge Top Exteriors, we are a licensed professional roofing contractor with excellent customer service ratings.

emergency leak repair tarp madison wiWe are very thorough and professional in our approach to your emergency roof repair. That is why we provide detailed assessment, free consultation and quotes. You will be given a detailed explanation about every aspect of the repairs we want to carry out on your property. We also accommodate flexible schedules so we can get the job done quickly and at the most convenient time for both of us. We use the most durable materials that you can afford and we back our service with warranties. At the end of the each project, we will clean up your property. No debris, broken shingles, asphalt dust, nails, or wood will be left behind. Call us now, we eagerly await to serve you and exceed your expectations.