Beautiful & Secure Front Door for Your Madison Home

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Your front door serves as special focal point in your home. The aesthetics, strength and durability of your entryway adds a significant value to your home because it creates a strong first impression on the mind of your visitors. At Ridge Top Exteriors, we appreciate the importance of your entry door and we provide professional door installation and replacement services for homeowners and residents of Madison, Sun Prairie and other nearby southeastern Wisconsin cities. Here is a brief outline of the benefits of using our service.

Multiple Door Options

We offer a wide range of entry doors to suit various homeowner tastes and architectural designs. Whether you want a vintage-style wood, steel, a vinyl frame with low E-glass, or a modern fiberglass door fitted with a glass opening, we will supply and install it for you.

Affordable Front Doors for Different Homes

Homeowners in Sun Prairie and Madison have diverse types of home designs. Each home designer or architect usually specifies a particular kind of door for a building. That is why we offer different types of elegant doors to suit your budget. Our installation charges are also competitive and affordable. We back up our entry door installation with long warranties to give you peace of mind.

Well-Established Entry Door Brand

At Ridge Top Exteriors, we supply front doors that are produced by BHI Exteriors, a reputable manufacturer with decades of experience. Their premium quality portals can withstand harsh weather conditions and retain their original appearance for many years. Thus, they are suitable for homes that experience high humidity, heavy rainfall, or windstorms.

Eco-friendly Installation

We are committed to preserving the environment and reducing the amount of energy you will need to heat or cool your home. Hence, we install new energy-efficient products and help you to replace your old door with a solid one that will prevent the transfer of heat and moisture into your home. All entryway products that we offer are EnergyStar approved. These doors provide a substantial reduction in your energy bills, which can serve as a good return on your investment.

Professional Replacement Service

An old and worn out front door need to be changed quickly. At Ridge Top Exteriors, we provide replacement services for homeowners who want to improve the appearance of their front entrance and enjoy the additional benefits of durability, security and thermal efficiency. All replacements are preceded by an on-site inspection to ensure your door will fit perfectly.

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Unique Styles

Fiberglass doors offer several benefits over conventional wood or steel doors. They are sturdy and well designed with glass panels included in some designs to permit light to pass through the door. These doors often come with natural wood grain, which makes them look like expensive oak or walnut wood doors. Our paint grade fiberglass doors can serve as a good alternative to metal doors. Additionally, their energy-efficiency and scratch-resistance makes them a wise investment.

Call us for more details to find out more about entry doors. We offer free consultation and provide free quotes for our door replacement and installation services. We can provide any type of entry door to suit your home design, taste, and budget. Ridge Top Exteriors is the best option for discerning homeowners in Dane County, who desire premium quality door installation service.