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Breathable Roof Deck Barrier

deckarmor-madison-roofing-contractorDeckArmor is an important roofing component used as an underlay below roofing shingles to protect the roof deck from water infiltration. Most modern homes are built weather-tight with minimal ventilation in the attic. So moisture from cleaning, bathing and cooking can easily become trapped in the roof deck.

That is why an effective underlayment should not only be a moisture barrier, but it should also be breathable so that excess moisture can escape to prevent roof rot, decay, or the growth of mold and mildew. Deck Armor Premium by GAF provides better roof deck protection than traditional asphalt-based felt.

Features that make Deck Armor stand out among other brands of synthetic underlayment:

Strong and Light Weight

Roof underlayment should be strong enough to resist tears and prevent the formation of holes during and after installation. Deck Armor provides tear resistance that is at least 6 times greater than the 30 lbs. asphalt-felt variety, and it is also three times lighter than #30 felt paper. In fact, a roll weighs just 37 lbs. (17 kg). It is also important to note that the synthetic underlayments installed on roofs before the 2004 hurricanes in Florida provided roof deck protection long after the storms ceased. Thus, even when Mother Nature deals out the worst weather conditions, a synthetic underlayment like DeckArmor will provide superior tear resistance.roof-deck-protection-gaf-deckarmor


Durability is one of the most desirable qualities in roof construction. Synthetic underlayments made of polypropylene polymers meets the need for exceptionally durable roofing components because they do not rot, decay or break down like asphalt saturated felts. Using the Deck Armor brand provides an additional advantage because it qualifies homeowners for the Lifetime limited warranty offered by GAF, especially when used with other roof accessories manufactured by GAF such as their Lifetime roof shingles. In addition, this unique breathable underlayment does not wrinkle or buckle like asphalt felt but remains flat and stable, thus creating a more visually appealing roof that will last for many years.

Deck Armor breathable roof deck protection by GAF is currently the only synthetic underlayment that permits vapor to escape from your roof constantly and keep your roof deck dry and free of fungus. It also meets the physical requirements for roof coverings provided by regulations. Although it is a bit more costly than asphalt felt, the durability, longevity, stability and fast installation make it a wise choice for most roofing projects.

Smooth Installation

gaf-breathable-roof-deck-protection-deckarmorThe properties of Deck Armor roof underlayment makes it easier, faster and safer to install. This allows Ridge Top Exteriors to pass significant savings in labor over to the homeowner. Due to the spun-bound feature, extra-wide dimension, and light weight, Deck Armor is easier to cut and install than other types of synthetic underlayment. With the UV stabilized polypropylene material, it can withstand UV degradation for close to six months when exposed to the sun. It neither becomes sticky due to hot weather nor gets rigid because of very cold temperature, and its slip-resistant surface is safer for roofers to walk on during installation.

When you need a roof repair or a replacement roof, Ridge Top Exteriors uses GAF materials with fantastic warranties. Call today to discuss your roofing needs.