5 Tips For Hanging Holiday Decorations Without Damaging Your Roofing, Siding, or Gutters

outdoor holiday decorations
Hanging outdoor holiday decorations is something many homeowners enjoy doing during the holidays. While hanging decorations can be fun, it’s important to do so carefully to avoid damaging your roof, siding, or gutters. Here are five tips Ridge Top Exteriors suggest you use.

These tips will ensure your beautiful Christmas lights, wreaths or other decorations only enhance the appearance of your home rather than causing damage.

#1 Avoid Damaging your Shingles

Outdoor holiday decorations such as Christmas lights should never be attached directly to your shingles. Using a staple gun or other similar device can damage your shingles, leaving holes that would later allow water to pass through. The best way to hang these lights is to use plastic clips that can be attached directly to your gutters or eaves. Not only do they hold lights in place, but they are also easy to remove and will not cause any damage to the exterior of your home.

You may need a different type of clip if you have a flat roof that does not contain any eaves. In that case, parrot clips might be needed instead. These clips are designed to go along the wall near the edge of your flat roof. To be safe, you should add these clips while standing on a ladder rather than being on the top of your flat roof looking down.

home decorated in Christmas lights

A Home decorated and lighted with 650,000 lights and over 60 inflatables for Christmas and for New Year Eve at Night in Virginia – Copyright: Barry Blackburn

#2 Use the Correct Anchors

When hanging wreaths, garland or other decorations on a brick or concrete home, Tapcon screws should be used to hold them in place. Avoid drilling directly into the block itself, and
instead create a hole only in the mortar using a drill bit. Drilling into the block can cause it to break, which could leave you with an incredible amount of damage to deal with. Upon removing the anchor, be sure to fill the hole with mortar repair, a product that is similar to caulking and also comes in a tube.

#3 Attach Hangers to the Outside of Vinyl Siding

If your home has vinyl siding, you should not drill into the surface in order to place anchors, because this could crack certain sections. Instead, you should use suction cup hooks that attach directly to the exterior. Clean the area of siding where you plan to place the hook, as dirt can prevent it from sticking. Wet the suction cup slightly, then press against the siding until it is firmly attached. For best results, wait a few hours before hanging any decorations. You may also use a vinyl siding hook, which can be secured underneath one of the slats in your siding.

#4 Use Deck Clips for Railing

Deck clips are ideal for holding Christmas lights to the railing of your porch or deck. These clips are somewhat larger than the ones used to hang lights from your gutters. They attach securely, and do not require any nail holes to attach. Best of all, you can find deck clips in a multitude of colors, so you can easily find ones that match the shade of your deck nicely. Deck clips could also be used to secure decorations on your fence.

#5 Remove Clips and other Hardware Carefully

Once the holidays are over, you may be tempted to take down your outdoor holiday decorations and their hangers very quickly. This should be avoided, as pulling or yanking on clips when taking them down might tear your shingles or guttering. You also run the risk of scratching or denting wooden surfaces such as the railing. Removing each individual clip by hand may take a little longer, but you are much less likely to damage your home in the process. Likewise, you should avoid pulling metal anchors out of brick or concrete, and instead use the right tool to remove them gently.

Hanging outdoor holiday decorations correctly requires more time and effort, but is nonetheless important if you are to avoid damaging your most valuable asset your home. Keep these tips in mind this holiday season, and you can eliminate the need for repairs.

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