Picture Windows: An Excellent Addition to Your Madison Home

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Picture windows offer excellent features that beautify, illuminate and insulate the home. Like their name suggests, they create a unique and attractive space on your wall, which looks exactly like a portrait or a big painting.

That is why they are installed in specific places to fill the room with light and provide thermal insulation, especially where ventilation is not very crucial. To help you appreciate the importance of picture windows, here is a brief discussion of the benefits of installing them in your home.

Beauty and Elegance

Large windows add elegance and style to your living spaces and they fit perfectly into any home design. They provide unique aesthetic value. Every room or living space in your home can accommodate a picture window, and few design elements can match the visual appeal provided by these windows. These customizable windows can be installed in various spaces – from the small 2′ by 2′ space to the massive floor-to-ceiling window spaces, which flood the entire room with natural light.

Natural Light

picture window simonton natural light

Picture windows provide one of the best avenues to bring natural light into the home. Natural light from the sun offers many physical, psychological, and health benefits. It reduces eye strain, helps to stabilize the natural internal clock, and enables the body to produce essential nutrients like vitamin D. For these reasons, installing picture windows in strategic locations, where they can capture the maximum amount of sunlight during the day, will be extremely beneficial to everyone living in the home.

Stunning Views

To enjoy scenic views of your beautiful outdoor garden and the changing views of the horizon at various times of the day in the beautiful city of Madison, a focal window will be a great asset. Similarly, if you would like to enjoy the ever refreshing lake view in Cambridge or the vibrant daylight in Waunakee, you should install high quality picture windows in your home.

Super Insulation

To keep the home warm and cozy in winter and cool in summer, you can rely on the insulation provided by picture windows. Insulated windows combine two or more glass panes with a sealed section of air in between them. To provide stronger insulation, inert gases such as krypton and argon are infused into the space between the glass panes. Additionally, a triple glass pane design may be used to provide even greater insulation, which will lead to superior thermal insulation, and a substantial reduction in energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

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In addition to providing outstanding aesthetics and illumination, picture windows will increase the energy efficiency of your home. The thermally insulated frame and window pane prevent hot or cold air from following into and out of your home. This in turn reduces the amount of energy required to cool or heat the home with air conditioners or heaters. In fact, energy efficient windows, like the EnergyMax® picture windows, have premium quality spacer technology, thermally insulated glass, and sturdy mainframes to ensure that you reap continuous returns on your investment throughout the year.

Regardless of the size of EnergyMax® window you install, you will enjoy the same top-notch insulation that will protect your home from harsh weather and reduce energy bills.

Picture windows should be part of the design of every home. The initial investment required to purchase and install them will be recovered through savings in energy and utility bills. With the beauty and natural lighting they provide, occupants will enjoy a better lifestyle.