Here Are a Few Things to Ask
Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

do you have a commercial roofing need

When you discover that the felts on your roof are disappearing rapidly, it is time to replace the roof. We have put together a short list of important questions you need to ask a commercial roofing company before you attempt to sign a contract. These questions will help you to ascertain that the company you choose is competent and able to fix your roof at the first attempt.

1. Do You Hold a Commercial Roofer’s License?

Most states require a commercial roofer to obtain a license to do business in the state. Each state will have unique code requirements. Do some research to know the code requirements in your community. If roofers need to be licensed in your state, make sure you work with one that has a current license.

2. Do You Have Adequate Insurance Cover?

questions to ask a commercial roofing contractor

Every employer or roofer is required by law to have both workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. These two forms of insurance will protect you, the homeowner, if an accident occurs. Workman’s compensation insurance will protect you if an employee of the roofer gets wounded and the liability insurance protects you from any damage caused by the roofers. Without worker’s compensation insurance, you may have to bear the cost of medical bills and any other costs connected with an injury. Make sure you ask for the insurance certificates to confirm the two types of insurance.

3. Will You Take Off My Existing Roof?

does your commercial roofing contractor take off your new roof

Some roofing contractors try to save time and cost by installing flat felt on top of the old roof. But if the old felts are not taken off, you will not know if there are bad spots and rotten wood underneath. If these bad spots are left behind, they will lead to more expensive repairs in future.

4. Can You Provide Commercial References?

Ask the roofer to give you local addresses of commercial job sites that you can easily visit to check the quality of their roofing work. You may also request for references, even though many commercial customers may not want their details given out for security reasons. You should visit the sites, and where possible, ask the owner to tell you if they are pleased with the roofing job performed by the contractor.

5. Do You Provide a Container for Refuse from the Roofing Job?

All the debris, old shingles, and refuse from your old roof will have to be gathered somewhere. The roofer you hire should provide a dumpster or container to hold the refuse. You should not be asked to provide this container, nor should you be required to handle all the debris and thrash after the roofing job has been completed.

6. What Type of Warranty Do You Offer?

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Find out how long the commercial roofing company will guarantee the work done. A typical roof warranty should last for at least one year. Some roofers, however, provide extended warranties. The warranty of the manufacturer usually covers the materials used for the work. These two warranties have different terms so you should know what each one covers and how long each one will last.

Those are some of the important questions to ask before you sign the dotted lines with a commercial roofing company. The answers provided will help you to know whether the roofer has the capacity to do a roofing job that will stand the test of harsh weather for a long time. For more information about professional roof maintenance or to have a free roof quote, please give us a call now +1 866-380-7663 or fill out the form on our website.