Winter Roof Replacement… Pros and Cons

roof replacement in winter

Most people choose to have their roof replaced in the spring, summer or early fall months. Sometimes we’re asked if it’s okay to install a new roof in the cold winter months which is most often because there is an urgency for some reason or another. So what happens if a roof is installed in the cold season?

There are no specific industry guidelines for temperature and roof installation for asphalt shingles, however, various manufacturers do make recommendations. Ridge Top Exteriors installs roofs all year round, although, we do pay careful attention to the weather and elect to hold off for warmer days for certain types of applications.
Although asphalt shingles can become brittle as the temperature drops, steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate breakage. If shingles are stored in a warm place and loaded just before installation, problems can be minimized.

Another question our customers have had is whether or not the self-sealing strips will have a suitable bond without a warm day to bolster a strong seal. While the sun is definitely a friend to freshly installed shingles, additional measures such as extra adhesive and hand-tabbing will help keep the shingles in place especially in sections predisposed to high wind until warmer weather allows the seal to set completely.

While cold temperatures aren’t ideal for a new roof installation, it can be done in the event that the homeowner must replace their roof immediately.

No matter what the season, if you need a roof repair or roof replacement don’t hesitate to call 866-380-7663 or visit Ridge Top Exteriors. Our staff is available to answer your questions and to provide professional guidance to assist you in the decision making process for the best roofing system within your budget. Our brand name materials and superior workmanship with warranties on all asphalt shingle roof replacements will provide you with peace of mind and additional protection.