Removal Tips: Roof Snow

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An untouched cover of new snow can be beautiful, but can be a foe to your new roof. The strain on your roof as snow builds-up can create a heavy burden.

Additional issues can occur when it starts to thaw, then refreezes with successive snow falls. Before the heart of winter blasts into town, it’s advisable to have a roof snow removal plan scheduled with a licensed roofing contractor.

Snow Load is a Contentious for Roofs

One inch of water weighs 5 pounds per square foot. One foot of light snow weighs approximately the same weight as one inch of water. Your roof’s structure is taxed more extensively when the snow is packed, deeper or wet. Thawed and refrozen snow can weigh as much as 40-60 pounds per cubic foot. madison roofing top snow ice removalThree or more feet of snow in northern areas is not unusual; the additional weight of more snow can rapidly become problematic a roof.

Snow Overload Indicators

Probabilities of damage to the roof increase progressively with each new collection of snow. Snow pile up can easily wreak havoc on your roof’s structure if it’s not promptly removed. The blueprints of your home or business structure may have a notation for safe snow loads. On older buildings or already weakened roofs, the load limits might be hard to determine.


Snow Retention Roof

If уоu find іt very challenging, thеn consult professionals whо аrе expertise іn various ice dam removal systems. Thе most effectual permanent solution tо prevent ice dam formation іѕ sealing thе roof tо make іt airtight. Thіѕ wіll block thе passage оf escaping warm air frоm living rooms оr attic space. If possible, install quality insulation systems tо minimize heat loss frоm thе room interiors.

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