Roof Vent Leak Repair

Roof vents play a very important role in maintaining proper air flow in your home’s attic. They enable your roof to “breathe” naturally. However, ridge vents and other vents installed for intake and exhaust of air are often prone to leakage. Roof vent repairs are sometimes needed before the life of the shingles has come to an end. Here is a brief explanation of how roof vent leaks occur.

Improper Installation

Incorrect vent installation is one of the main causes of leakage. Sometimes, a roofing contractor may not use competent and well trained roofing technicians. Thus, the seals around the roof vent may not be properly applied. In other cases, the shingles around the vent may not have been well arranged. Improperly installed fasteners could also be responsible for roof leaks. It is therefore important to let a professional roofing company handle all your roof vent repairs to prevent further damage.

Aging Roof Vents


As the roof gets older, wear and tear will naturally make the materials to deteriorate. The caulk and cement caps on your roof could crack and cause several gaps to appear at the base of the vent pipes. These cracks can easily allow rain and snow to seep through and you may start seeing water coming down the internal walls of your home. That is why it is important to
have a thorough roof inspection done by a reliable roofing expert at least once in a year. Cracks and defects from aging will be detected. A roof vent repair can be made before they cause costly damage to your home.

Cracked Pipes

Roof Vent Pipe Collar Crack
In some cases, worn out vent pipes can cause serious leakage and damage. Normally, the water from rain or snow, which comes into the vent pipes, should travel into the sewage channel. But when the pipes are cracked or damaged, this could cause water to seep through and flow down to the walls of your house. Thus, you may experience the growth of mold and mildew which could lead to destruction of your belongings if the vent pipes are not quickly repaired. Hence, it is safer to replace roof vent pipes early than to wait until they crack or get rusty.

Deterioration of Vent Flashing

Roof vent repair

Worn out sealants and old roof cement usually make the vent flashing ineffective. Eventually, water starts to gather in small pools around the vent. If roof vent repairs are not carried out early, the water will could seep through the damaged portions of the vent. Cracked collars around the base of vent pipes could also allow water to gather and leak through the roof.

Poorly Secured Fasteners

Hail Damaged Roof Vent
The ridge on the uppermost part of the roof is secured by fasteners. But due to strong winds, wear, or incorrect installation, these fasteners can get loose or even fall away. When this happens, the fasteners must be tightened or replaced. After they are tightened by a roofing professional, they can be protected with a special sealant to prevent roof leaks.

Detecting and repairing roof vent leaks can be a relatively complex process. Proper roof vent repairs also require compliance with statutory safety regulations. Therefore, we do not recommend that you undertake roof vent repairs by yourself.

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