Easy DIY Skylights Care

skylight natural home lightingThere are many window types and options. Along with conventional ‘side windows’, many people opt for putting in skylights. These windows are mounted in the roof and give a different viewpoint of the outside. They can also make a stunning impact for a space. They can cause even a small room, hallway, or entryway to seem much bigger than the real dimension of the area.

But along with skylights, just like any window in your home, there comes the minutiae of window upkeep and window servicing. This causes a few people to be hesitant about putting in skylights.

With a little knowledge about skylight maintenance, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of skylights without worrying excessively about the upkeep aspect. Here are some considerations, pointers and ideas to help you decide if skylights are right for you.

1. In the event that your existing skylights are leaking, it’s important to to understand this can cause severe damage to your roof, attic, ceiling, and other area of your house. It’s crucial to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Don’t delay until you see your skylight seeping to do something about it. Yearly inspections of every window in your home should include the skylights. Check to ensure there are no fractures in the frame and look closely at the condition of the flashing to ensure it’s still doing its job too.

2. At the time of the annual examination of the skylight, check for any tiny splits that may have happened from falling branches, hail, or other environmental factors. If you find cracks early enough, they’re much easier to repair.

3. Maintenance should include window upkeep AND window washing. When you are dutiful about washing skylights, they last longer and are much less prone to have additional troubles. Cleaning gets rid of twigs, dirt, leaves, debris, and other bits that can draw in insects and bugs. Cleaning your skylight will help preserve its framework and its beauty– permitting the sun to radiate through and flood your room with wholesome light.

4. If your skylight has vents or other openings, check them to make sure they are unsoiled and in good working order. You may need to oil the hinges once a year to keep them working well. If your windows have screens, it’s a good idea to take them off to thoroughly wash them before putting them back on.skylights maintenance

Washing the outside of your skylight will require that you get up on the roof so always proceed with care when undertaking this task. Use safety measures that include the use of a sturdy ladder, rubber-soled shoes, and other things like a harness, lifeline and a roof anchor that will make it safer for you to work yet give you the freedom to move around while on the roof. If you have a fear of heights or in the slightest bit uneasy, it’s better to have someone else do this work for you.

Once a year maintenance and repair of your skylights will enable you to enjoy many more years of beauty from your skylight installation.

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