TigerPaw Roof Underlayment Synthetic Deck Protection

tigerpaw underlayment ridge top exteriors madison roofing contractorTigerPaw is one of the most reliable artificial underlayments utilized by GAF contractors to safeguard against water leakage on the roof deck. This roof underlayment functions as an obstacle against dampness and prevents moisture from building up on the roof deck; it is sandwiched by the decking and shingles. Typical asphalt-saturated felt paper gets wrinkly and brittle over time which leads to shingle breakage and an unsightly appearance. The properties of GAF’s TigerPaw synthetic felt is an exceptional choice for roof deck defense.

Reliable Dampness Barrier

Wetness from rainfall and various other sources could possibly cause the roofing system to leak if the roof deck isn’t protected. A good underlayment will help to safeguard the roof deck and also prevent water from getting to the ceiling and walls of your home. An efficient deck cover needs to be able to get rid of the moisture on the roof at a quick rate. A house with properly ventilated attic and a non-breathable artificial roof underlayment like TigerPaw will work together to keep the wetness off your roof. A non-woven synthetic roof deck protection cover helps to eliminate wetness two times as quick as other leading brand of non-breathable roofing felts.best roof deck protection felt GAF Tigerpaw

Roof Protection that Lasts

In order to give appropriate security for your roofing system, the lifespan of the deck roof underlayment should go beyond the anticipated life-span of the roof deck and shingles. This is why GAF created TigerPaw with its exclusive polypropylene properties that are resistant to degeneration and decay. It does not allow the development of fungi, mildew or mold and mildew. Even when the shingles start to weaken, the felt stays intact. Roofing systems built with GAF shingles and a TigerPaw roof deck protection felt have an outstanding warranty guaranteed for life.

Flat and Uniformly-Laid Shingles

With TigerPaw underlayment on top of your roof deck below the shingles, your roofing will have a stunning completed look. Unlike traditional asphalt felts that twist, wrinkle, and displace your roof the shingles the synthetic felt stays flat. This assists the shingles to remain stable, uniform and visually appealing. Whether it is the starter, ridge, hip or field shingles; the installation of this high-grade synthetic roof deck protector will contribute to the reliability and positioning of the roof shingles over time.

Durable and Walkable

A 2014 GAF questionnaire was given to their Master Elite roofing service providers; the results of the survey indicated that the most important qualities for roof deck covering are safety,, walkability, toughness and resistance to tearing. GAF made use of a non-woven specially formulated anti-skid back that makes it easy to walk on and simpler to hold down during the roll out. TigerPaw’s special material also makes it 6 times more resistant to tearing and 140% stronger than 30 pound felt which keeps it in place even in forceful wind storms.

ridge top exteriors madison tigerpaw roof deck protection

Ridge Top Exteriors uses GAF’s TigerPaw synthetic underlayment for optimal roof deck protection to ensure that when we install your roofing system, you will rest easy knowing your roof will stand up to all types of weather conditions. It’s moisture barrier properties and durability out performs cheaper asphalt based felts by significant margins. Call us today to learn more about why TigerPaw is our roof underlayment choice for your roof replacement project.