Tyvek Home Wrap Moisture Barrier by DuPont

madison siding contractor tyvek homewrapDuPont Tyvek Home Wrap is a synthetic sheeting wrapped around a building to protect it from moisture infiltration. Made from flash-spun high-density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek prevents water and air from rain or wind storms from getting into the sheathing of a building while it permits vapor to pass out through it. Thus, this valuable protective barrier prevents the growth of mold and rot in the structure of the building and it is particularly valuable in buildings constructed with wooden frames.

Main Uses of Tyvek HomeWrap

Tyvek, the original spun-bonded house wrap, has three major functions. First it is used as a sheathing overlay. It provides a strong vapor-permeable membrane which permits moisture in the external insulation, sheathing or framing lumber to escape. During the cold months when internal heating is applied, the vapor that accumulates in the building will come out safely without damaging the structure.

Tyvek Home Wrap is also used to provide a secondary weather barrier in form a siding underlayment. It prevents water from wind-driven rain from getting to the sheathing. The third main function of this house wrap is to act as an energy-efficient barrier and stop air from infiltrating into the home. In essence, it helps to cut down the cost of heating and cooling the home.

What Makes Tyvek HomeWrap Stand Out

Tyvek Home Wrap was the very first housewrap to be introduced to the building construction industry over 30 years ago. However, it is its high performance, reliability, strength, light-weight, and great value that has enabled it to account of about 70 percent of the total housewrap sales in North America. Here are some of the qualities that make it stand out from the other housewrap brands.


Tyvek has unique strength even though it is a light-weight material. This rip-resistant material provides a greater strength-to-weight ratio than felt paper. Tyvek cannot be ripped with the hand. To cut it, you need to use a pair of scissors or a knife. Even after adhesion or bonding during installation, Tyvek homewrap still maintains its tear resistance.

Easy to Install

Professional builders prefer Tyvek HomeWrap because it is easy to use and install. For instance, its light weight makes it easy to lift and handle. It is also tractable; it can be wrapped around corners and other uncommon architectural shapes and structures. The 9-foot and 10-foot width rolls help to reduce seams and allow contractors to reduce the cost of labor.horeb wi home siding service

Water Resistance

Tyvek performs the most fundamental role of a house wrap – to stop water from getting into the sheathing. But it does this extremely well, out performing many other woven house wrap alternatives. Tyvek Home Wrap also passes both hydrostatic pressure and water ponding tests. Water ponding is a way to measure the ability of the house wrap to withstand a small “pond” of 1 inch of water for more than 2 hours. Similarly, a hydrostatic pressure test exerts a substantial amount of pressure on the house wrap sample via a 55 cm column of water.

High Vapor Permeability

Permeability is the measure of the quantity of vapor that a house wrap can transmit over time. This property is vital because it helps to minimize the accumulation of moisture vapor in the building structure. The higher the permeability number, the greater the vapor that can pass through the material. Tyvek has a rating of 58 while many other competing brands do not go beyond 20.

Top-notch Support

Tyvek Home Wrap is firmly supported by the extended warranty and superior after sales support provided by DuPont. This company pioneered the use of the building wrap and has remained committed to the development of the product for over three decades. Their Certified Installer Program provides training, certification and support for contractors. In addition, DuPont has a Tyvek Specialist Network consisting of local specialists who can provide up-to-date information on building codes, consulting and training on DuPont’s building protection products.

In Summary

Tyvek Home Wrap by DuPont is the best performing and most widely used house wrap for protecting buildings from air and water infiltration. It gives the home owner adequate protection against mold and rot and improves the value of the building. The professional builder will also find this house wrap easy to use and install with substantial savings in labor and installation cost.

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