Roof Essential: First Layer Water and Ice Shield

water and ice shield weatherwatch underlaymentReplacing a roof is more than just putting on new shingles. There are several important components that make up a roofing system.

ice and water roof underlaymentFrom the bottom of the roof up, one of the first layers that goes on is a water and ice shield that serves as a leak barrier membrane. Ridge Top Exteriors uses WeatherWatch because it’s strong and adjustable so we can make sure it goes down in the right spot without air bubbles. Other water and ice shields stick at first touch which makes them difficult to move and susceptible to air bubbles. Punctured air bubbles have the potential to be problematic leak areas in the future.

In some areas, it’s a code requirement that a water and ice shield be installed along the rakes and in the valleys. For the GAF manufacturer’s warranty and our own warranties, Ridge Top Exterior does a little extra than the code minimal to be sure you’re not going to have to worry about your roof. First, we go 4’ past the interior wall with the WeatherWatch water and ice shield, then a row up the rakes, along the hip and then 1 row down the middle of a valley, then a piece of valley tin over the top then 1 row of ice and water shield on each side to ensure that there won’t be any leaking.

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