Window Maintenance Tips
for Energy Efficiency

Window upkeep is an important part of any home maintenance plan. When you take care of your windows, you improve the energy efficiency and save yourself some money and discomfort. Windows that are well maintained can be an important part of your goal to decrease unnecessary household expenses.

window maintenance tips madison wiThere are many window styles and options, but they all require some type of annual or semi-annual maintenance plan. Whether you have lots of windows or just a few, there are some important home improvement tips that will help you make sure you’re getting as much benefit from your windows as possible.

Everyone knows how it important it is to repair cracks, paint peeling window sills and sashes, and caulk areas where air can escape and cold can enter. Window maintenance is more than just making sure your windows are in good repair though. Don’t forget about some of these simple tips to make your window maintenance easier and to help you increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

Tips to help you increase the energy efficiency of your windows include:

1.If you live in a very cold or extremely hot climate, insulated curtains or draperies are a great option. They form a barrier between the window and your home, insulating it even further from the cold or sun.

2.Installing shades that can be closed at night to keep the cool air out, and opened during the day to allow sunlight to help warm a cool house, are a good investment and they don’t block the view when open.

3.Install awnings to help protect windows from the damages of harsh weather. Awnings are also good barriers against blazing sun that heats the interior or your home.

4.Speaking of awnings, they also provide protection for windows from heavy rains. This can cut down on your maintenance work too.

5.Installing storm windows can make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of your home. Storms windows serve many purposes when it comes to energy efficiency by keeping hot and cold out, and keeping your heating and cooling bills lower.

6.Improving energy efficiency of windows can be supported by specially designed coatings or films that can be easily applied to the glass panes. These films help filter the hot sun rays and can keep the cold from penetrating the glass.

Don’t assume that the only thing you can do to improve energy efficiency of your windows is to make window repairs to ensure there are no cracks and breaks. You can also improve efficiency by taking advantage of some of the accessories such as awnings, draperies, shades, window coatings, and other items to improve the appearance and functionality of your windows. It’s a small investment that pays off big.

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