Winterize Your Home Tips

Whether your dwelling is residential or commercial, preparing your roof for winter can ward off damage from the bitterly cold temperatures mixed with rain, snow and ice.  If you’re caught off guard, it can be an expensive lesson.

winterize your homeCold freezing weather can really take a toll on an unprotected roof, especially if the gutters are clogged with leaves and debris.  As temperatures rise and fall, the ice that forms can begin to melt and if your rooftop isn’t waterproofed, leaks might develop.

If you didn’t winterize your home and you notice a build up of snow and ice, it is best to remove the snow as best as you can at least 3-4 feet from the edge.

If you notice any leaks in your roof, it is advisable to call a licensed roofing contractor to come out and inspect your roofing structure.  Reputable companies offer this service without cost or obligation. It’s critical to assess the existing damage, but more importantly because it can prevent further destruction from occurring. Without repair, small leaks can become colossal problems to not only the roof itself, but also to other parts of the building. Water damage is definitely a concern, but it’s the least of your worries in comparison to mildew, mold and bacteria. Organisms can form in the expansion of  moisture in unseen areas such as your ceiling and walls. This can trigger all types of health problems for your family if the leak is at your home, or for your staff and customers if the leak is at your business.

Sitting water, melting ice and snow, and constant exposure to cold can lead to a wide range of problems for your roof. Take the time today to see what can be done to winterize your home and learn how to protect your roof.  A free inspection will reveal vulnerabilities that your roof may and a corrective plan to help you sleep better at night.

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