Whether you’re looking for new siding because of storm damage or to increase your home’s value or you just decided it’s time for a new, fresh look for your home, there are a few must-ask questions that any reputable company should be able and willing to answer before you make your decision:

1.  Can you work within my budget?

It’s a good idea to have a budget range in mind before you start. If you see something you like, however, that’s beyond your budget, make it clear to your contractor that you want to get your top choice (not compromise for lesser options they say are more in line with your budget) and say you’re only willing to buy if they can provide competitive financing options. If a company doesn’t offer attractive terms (say, 12 months same as cash, or monthly payments you can afford), maybe they don’t deserve your business on a project this important!

2.  Will the maintenance on my new siding be my new full-time job?

Some kinds of siding require a lot of maintenance, and others are almost maintenance-free: Ask your contractor about the maintenance needed to keep the siding YOU selected looking great for years to come. If it’s too much work and hassle, consider other options!

3.  What choices do I have when it comes to materials and colors?

Getting new siding is not about what the contractor wants to sell you; it’s about a look you’ll love! Ask to see the array of materials they have, and the benefits of different kinds of siding. Ask to see ALL the colors that your preferred siding comes in; sometimes you can see something you hadn’t originally considered, but loved as soon as you saw it.

4.  Did you hire your installers last Tuesday?

Even the best siding won’t make you happy unless it’s professionally installed: Ask your contractor about the installation process, how much experience their crews have with installing the particular siding you chose, and make sure they’re not learning on the job (practicing on your house!) Also, remember that asking your contractor for pictures of other projects they’ve done or references of homeowners in your area is not rude; it’s smart!

5.  What will the new siding do to my home’s energy efficiency?

New siding is an opportunity to add (thicker) insulation to your home, but also replace old, inefficient insulation—while at the same time replacing old siding that may have allowed heat loss and water damage through cracks or gaps. Ask questions about how your new siding will affect your home’s energy efficiency, and whether certain types of siding will be better than others.

6.  Do you stand behind your work—and can you prove it?

Don’t forget to ask about warranties—not only on your new siding, but on the installation as well. Also ask questions about how long the company has been in business; a warranty is useless when it’s offered by a company that started 18 months ago and will be out of business three years later.

Remember, asking the right questions is not aggressive or annoying: If anything, you should only work with a company that welcomes your questions—because they have the reputation, expertise, experience, and customer service focus to answer all of them, and do so gladly.  If you’re in our service area, give the friendly experts at Ridge Top Exteriors a call about your siding project.  We will do a home inspection, give you all the information you need whether you decide to buy from us or not, and provide you with a FREE estimate!  We’ll be happy and honored to serve you.  Call us today!




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